3 Facts about Auto Body Repair

I was reading a recent post by a Dent Dawg blogger by the name of Chris Coker, that shares his tips on the dent repair and auto body repair industry quite often and says in this recent post that your well-being and health are some of the things in your mind during an accident. But, once you’ve taken care of that, you start worrying about auto repair. You want to know how you will get the best auto body repair at a reasonable price.

But, when it comes to auto body repair, you should know certain things. Here are the top 3 facts to know about auto body repair.

You Control Your Auto Body Repairs

The insurance company may recommend an auto body repair shop where you can take your car for repair. However, it would help if you decided on the shop to repair your vehicle. Therefore, take your time to research the available auto body repair shops to pick one that does an excellent job. It would be best if you even asked different auto body shops to appraise your car damage and give you their repair plans. That way, you can quickly determine the best shop to handle your auto body repairs.

Several Factors Determine Whether a Car is Totaled

An insurance company can total a car whose repair costs are more than its value. However, you can repair a vehicle worth $3,000 if its repair costs around $2000. But, different insurance companies consider various factors to determine whether a car is to be totaled. What’s more, state regulations can also dictate what happens to a vehicle after an accident.

What Seems like a Minor Damage Can be a Major Issue

An accident can seem minor at first. However, the impact could have spread to the other parts of your car. For instance, you can think you had a minor fender bender when the damage extends to the wheels, frame, and even the engine. Therefore, don’t assume that you had minor damage after an accident. Instead, take your vehicle to a reputable auto body shop for thorough and careful inspection.

Your vehicle needs more than painting after an accident. Take your car to a reputable auto body repair shop for detailed inspection and repair.

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