How to Inspect a Car after Bodywork Completion

Once your vehicle has been involved in an accident, comprehensive bodywork will be done to restore its look and performance. And, you will most likely wait eagerly to drive your vehicle after the bodywork. But, how do you inspect the car to ensure that everything was done correctly? Here’s how to inspect a car after bodywork completion. 


How clean is your car? This is the first thing that you should consider when inspecting your car after bodywork completion. A properly repaired vehicle should be clean inside and outside. Therefore, inspect the car for cleanliness thoroughly. Make sure that it has been washed and vacuumed properly. The engine, floor mats, and the body surface should be sparkling clean. A professional auto body repair shop will give you a sparkling clean car after repair. 

Repaired Areas 

Check the areas that needed repair after the accident. There shouldn’t be uneven gaps in the body panel seams. Open and close the doors, hood, and trunk. Make sure that they don’t produce a rubbing sound when opening and closing. What’s more, they should open and close securely. Every wire or hose should run through the right place. Also, inspect the headlights with keen attention to beam alignment. Check the paint finish too. 

Check the Paint Job 

Any newly applied paint should match that of the entire vehicle. If you notice fading paint on some parts of the vehicle, ask the auto body shop to fix the problem. Make sure that your vehicle leaves the auto body repair shop with a perfect, well-finished look. Pick the car from the auto repair shop during the day to make inspection easier. 

Check the Car for Any Flaw 

Make sure that all repairs have been done professionally and extensively. This will save you from more troubles down the road. Perhaps, the best approach is to test-drive your vehicle before you approve and pay for the bodywork. If you hear some noises or notice any other issue, ask the auto repair shop to fix it. 

Inspecting a car after bodywork completion is an important task that should be done carefully. Therefore, take your time and pay keen attention to ensure that every aspect of the bodywork was done professionally.

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