How to Know if an Auto Body Shop Has Done a Good Job

Before taking your car to an auto body shop for repair, it was probably a twisted mess. Maybe it was being towed to the auto body shop from an accident scene. It’s now been weeks since you took your car for repair. You just need to write the auto body shop a check to get your car in good shape. But, how can you tell if the auto body fixed everything beneath the surface? 

The first step to make sure that your vehicle is fixed properly after an accident is choosing the right auto body shop. But, even when you’ve chosen the best shop and given it the job of fixing your vehicle, you should inspect the performed work before driving away. Here are some of the tips to help you know if an auto body shop has done an excellent job. 

Know What Should Be Fixed 

Before you drop off your car for repair, be clear on the things that will be fixed. Also, discuss how the auto body will repair your vehicle. Have everything written down and get a warranty for the work. Upon your return, go through the paperwork to ensure that all repairs were done correctly. 


Your repaired vehicle must be clean. Therefore, your vehicle should be washed, vacuumed, and cleaned before you drive away. Make sure there is no dust or dirt in your car. The trunk should also not be full of old parts. Reliable auto body repair shops will even wash the engine compartment. 

Consistency and Matching Colors 

If your vehicle had some paint jobs to be done, colors must be consistent and matching. Your vehicle should not look like it has been painted with three different colors. Therefore, check your vehicle closely to ensure that the applied paint colors are matching and consistent. 

In nutshell, inspect your vehicle closely before you drive away to ensure that everything was done as agreed. In some cases, visual inspection alone might not be enough. So, get a second opinion of an expert if possible. 

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