What is the Legal Timeframe Limit for an Auto Body Shop to Repair a Vehicle?

After taking your car to an auto body shop for repairs, it is just normal to expect to have it done as soon as possible. However, that is not usually the case since some repairs often take longer while others are fixed in a matter of minutes or a few hours. That begs the question, what is the legal timeframe limit for an auto body shop to repair a car? The answer mainly relies on the circumstances for the repairs. 

The Time Limit for Auto Body Repair 

Whenever your auto body shop or insurer gives you the estimates for the repair costs, they will also provide a timeframe estimate for doing the procedures. However, some repair works like major collision repairs involve a lot of assessments to get the estimates. Without a thorough examination of the damage, there could be several underlying problems that require additional labor or parts. 

Besides, delays could also happen in an auto body shop as a result of the late delivery of parts or some components arriving with damage. If the parts are critical to the repair process, the car would certainly take a few more days at the shop. 

Since most auto repairs are covered by insurance, the insurer must first send someone to inspect the damage and give cost estimates. Most insurance companies take about three days to do the assessment and estimate the repair costs. Sometimes, they can just make up stories for delays to convince you to have the car repaired by their recommended auto body shops. 

In case your car is taking unreasonably longer at the auto body repair shop, you should first seek an explanation from them. If they do not give any viable reason, you can either pick up your car and pay the legal fees for the time spent at the shop or file a claim in court. Nevertheless, the typical timeframe limit for an auto body shop to repair a vehicle depends on the type of damage and extent of the impact. 

Overall, there is no legal time limit for an auto body specialist to repair your vehicle. Besides, rushing the repairs could also result in sub-standard work. 

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