What You Should Look Out for After a Car Collision

It’s obvious that you will spot exterior damage after car collision. However, internal damage may not be obvious though it poses a danger according to business owner Crystal Fernandez of Auto Masters Collision Repair. To ensure your safety while driving car after collision, here are the things to look out for:

Exterior Damage

Check the vehicle carefully to see if you will notice external damage. When your vehicle has an extensive damage on its exterior, driving it is risky. That’s because some body panels may be loose and loosen further when you drive the car. This poses a danger to you and other road users. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle is checked and fixed after a collision if it has significant damage on the exterior.

Hidden Damage

Some damage may not be visible to your eyes after collision. Thus, your vehicle may be damaged but the damage may not be noticeable immediately. Therefore, check for smoke, abnormal noises, or leaking fluid. These are signs of hidden damage that should prompt you to take the vehicle for repair immediately.

Alignment Issues

The alignment of your vehicle may be affected by collision especially if it has been rear-ended. Consequently, the car may have uneven driving or veer towards a single side. It can also vibrate while driving. Therefore, make sure that your vehicle’s alignment is checked and repaired immediately. Remember that misalignment can add stress to the suspension of your vehicle and necessitate more costly repairs in the future.

Trunk Damage

Trunk damage is very common after collision. Closing a damaged trunk is difficult. A malfunctioned trunk can also pop open when driving. The resale value of your car will also be lower if it has a damaged trunk.

If you have just had a car collision, check your car carefully for these issues. Take it for repair immediately to keep repair cost down if you notice any of them.

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