Why Auto Bumper Repair and Care is Important

For some people, an auto bumper is a minor part of the vehicle. However, the bumper plays a very important role of ensuring safety of the driver and passengers. Essentially, car bumpers protect passengers during accidents. They are designed to absorb the shock that comes with collision or accident. This minimizes the impact that is felt by the occupants and the vehicle.


Plastic is the material that is used to make most auto bumpers. However, bumpers feature a reinforcement bar that is made of a tougher substance. This can be steel or aluminum. It’s therefore important to note that bumpers are not created equal. Some are capable of absorbing more shock than others.

What Affects Auto Bumper’s Effectiveness?

There are several factors that can affect your auto bumper’s effectiveness. They include the overhang amount and built-on lights. Some governments have regulations that cover the effectiveness of auto bumpers. According to some bumper standards, auto bumpers should prevent vehicle’s body damage during crashes with low impact of less than 5 mph. Nevertheless, this is not applicable in SUVs, trucks, and minivans. That’s because bumpers can interfere with proper operations of these vehicles.

Generally, you can’t determine the effectiveness of an auto bumper by just looking at it. There are also no regulations that require auto companies to disclose their auto bumpers effectiveness publicly. Nevertheless, you can get this information from the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Auto Bumper Repair

If your vehicle has a damaged bumper, it’s important that you have it repaired or replaced immediately. That’s because a damaged bumper may not serve its purpose of providing protection effectively. It can also be an aesthetic issue. Therefore, if your vehicle has a damaged bumper, have it repaired immediately.

Visit a reputable auto body shop to have the bumper checked by experienced professionals and repaired properly or replaced if necessary.


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